Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Jordan and Baker - Explode (Marc van Linden Video Cut)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Albert Keyn - Save One Love (Contraption Remix)
  • Albert Kyen - Save One Love (Contraption Remix)
  • Benya - Dione (Original Mix)
  • Jordan and Baker - Explode (Marc van Linden Video Cut)
  • Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi - Kraftmatik (Original Mix)
Radio down

Apparently, the radio was down for an uncertain amount of time because it was being rejected by the YP service due to too old DNAS version. I have now upgraded it to the latest version and everything is back online again. I'm sorry for not discovering this sooner.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Adam Nickey & Nitrous Oxide - Moon Dust (Original Mix)
  • DJ Shog - Remember December (Paul Miller Remix)
  • Gareth Emery - Exposure (Original Mix)
  • Garry Heaney - Citation
  • Matt Skyer - Canberra (Original Mix)
  • Matt Skyer - Electric Globe (Original Mix)
  • Matt Skyer - Villa (Original Mix)
  • Redstar - Into The Sea (Original Mix)
  • Simon Patterson - Always
  • The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O'Callaghan Remix)
Doubled listener limit

Now the radio has been running on the virtual server for several months, and it seems the total bandwidth doesn't exceed 400GB per month (my paid limit is 2TB per month). So it feels safe to double the maximum listener count from 10 to 20 again. Hope this means more people will tune in. =)

Fully migrated to new server

About a month ago, I migrated the webserver and parts of the radio to a new server. More specifically, the parts of the radio that got migrated was the broadcasting, but the transmitter stayed put on the old server. But I have now also migrated the transmitter, meaning the entire radio station is now operating on the new virtual server. This should significantly reduce the amount of downtime experienced since the virtual server is no longer subject to sudden power outtages or hardware failures.

This means more listening time for you!

Migrated to new server

The webserver and parts of the radio station have now migrated to a new server. A virtual server, that is! Why, do you ask? Because I like extremely complicated server setups! Jokes aside, the actual reason for this move is that now the webpage will always be up and running, no matter what happens in my apartment. The transmitter, however, is still running on a server in my flat as I haven't yet decided whether I should migrate that part since that would involve copying all the MP3s. But maybe that's not such a bad idea after all, now that I think about it. In any case it's already past bedtime so I'll deal with that some other day.

Since the bandwidth on the virtual server is limited per month, I have decreased the listener count back to 10 until I'm sure we're not hitting the bandwidth ceiling.

Maximum listener count raised

Due to what appears to be an increase in popularity Yaaay! the number of listener slots is starting to run out. So in order to not exclude anyone who might want to tune in, I've doubled the maximum listener count from 10 to 20. Enjoy!

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Above & Beyond - Black Room Boy (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  • Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas - Sticky Fingers (Pierce Fulton Remix)
  • Above & Beyond feat. Zo Johnston - Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  • Above & Beyond feat. Zo Johnston - You Got To Go (Original Mix)
  • Above & Beyond feat. Zo Johnston - You Got To Go (Stannis Mix)
  • Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert - Anphonic (Arty Remix)
  • Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert vs. ATB - Anphonic (Arty Remix) + Let U Go (Acapella) (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup)
  • Adam Nickey & Nitrous Oxide - Moon Dust (Original Mix)
  • Alan Morris & Sequentia - Blind (Vocal Mix)
  • Alex Frolov - One Way Back (Original Mix)
  • Alex Morph - Eternal Flame (Original Breaks Mix)
  • Aruna with Mark Eteson - Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix)
  • Aruna with Mark Eteson - Let Go (Who Is Remix)
  • Audien - Wayfarer (Original Mix)
  • Benya feat. Emma Lock - Loved To Be (Nuera Remix)
  • Daniel Garrick - Never Maybe (Original Mix)
  • Ferrin & Morris & Sequentia - Niagara (Original Mix)
  • Headstrong feat. Stine Grove - Love Until It Hurts (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)
  • Ilan Bluestone - Spheres (Original Mix)
  • Jono Grant vs. Mike Koglin - Circuits (Original Mix)
  • Juventa - Perfecta (Dan Stone Remix)
  • Mark Pledger vs. Super8 & Tag - Worldwide (Original Mix)
  • Matt Hardwick vs. Smith & Pledger feat. Melinda Gareh - Connected (Dub Mix)
  • Max Graham feat. Susana - Down To Nothing (Original Mix)
  • Mike Shiver & Aruna - Everywhere You Are (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix)
  • Mike Shiver - Ohh (Original Mix)
  • Monogato - Miami Vibe (Omnia Remix)
  • Oliver Smith - Chordplay (Original Mix Edit)
  • Oliver Smith - Pressure (Original Mix)
  • Omnia feat. Cathy Burton - Hearts Connected (Original Mix)
  • Onova - Nuance (Original Mix)
  • Ost & Meyer - Britanica (Original Mix)
  • Ost & Meyer - Here We Go (Original Mix)
  • Ronski Speed & Syntrobic feat. Renee Stahl - Pink Skye (Original Mix)
  • Ronski Speed - Sanity Dub (Exclusive Volume 10 Mix)
  • Sequentia & Jaco - Crossfire (Original Mix)
  • Sequentia - Flashback (Original Mix)
  • Sequentia - Gone Missing (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Sequentia - Gone Missing (The Flyers & Mike Sonar Remix)
  • Sequentia - Infinite Horizon (Original Mix)
  • Sequentia - Never Tell You (Original Mix)
  • Sequentia feat. Per Linden - Undiscovered (Omnia Remix)
  • Sequentia vs. Static Blue - Sacrifice (Sean Truby Remix)
  • Solar State - Feeding Dreams (Jective Remix)
  • Solar State - Feeding Dreams (Type 41 Remix)
  • Sunny Lax - Contrast (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Super8 & Tab vs. Blizzard - Suru (Aurosonic Exclusive Remix)
  • Tenishia - Where Do We Begin (Andrew Rayel Remix)
  • The Madison - Liquid Sky
  • Velvetine - Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix Edit)
  • Yilmaz Altanhan - Eighties (Ozgur Can Remix)
Donatate button added

There was a request on the contact board to be able to make a donation for the cause of our beloved radio station. I must admit I a bit stumped at first - why would anyone want to donate? - but I was really touched by the thought that I set up a PayPal account and replaced the 'Links' button (it served no real purpose, anyway) in the top menu by a a 'Donate' button.

But take note that there is no need to send money in order to cover running expenses. This started as a personal hobby project for fun and I intend to keep it that way. The radio station will only go down when I no longer feel that way towards it.

If you really want to show your appreciation then it's enough for me that you post a message on the contact board. And if you feel that that's not enough, you may make a donation. =)

Servers down due to power outage

The radio and web server were down because of a massive power outage in the neighbourhood. Not my fault, I swear! The power came back after a few hours, but then my router of course was assigned a new public IP so no one could get access from the outside (not even me).

I found out that you can update the DNS settings via an HTTP request, so I will write a small script that will take care of this kind of business of updating the DNS once and for all!

Bugs fixed

It seemed that the system didn't really like songs which contained weird characters, causing the whole system to grind to a halt. After much debugging I've managed to fix this issue, which also affected the wish function. Now everything should be working smoothly as before! =)

All functionality back online

After some heavy tweaking, configurating and swearing, everything is now back online. As it should be! You might notice that the website is a little bit slower than before, but that's just because of the tiny Raspberry Pi. Take the time to listen to the radio while it's loading. =)

New machine setup

Just for fun, I've moved the webserver to a different machine, so it now runs on little Raspberry Pi that I had that was just not being put to any good use. The radio is still being hosted on the old machine because the transciever software is not available as a Raspian flavor.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to properly set up the communication between the two machines so it is currently not possible to view any info about the radio from this website. And naturally it's also not possible to make any wishes. But do not fret, I'll fix it as soon as I can!

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Ablert Keyn - Save One Love (Brt Dub Remix)
  • Ablert Kyen - Save One Love (Contraption Remix)
  • Albert Keyn - Save One Love (Brt Dub Remix)
  • Albert Keyn - Save One Love (Contraption Remix)
Improved randomize and wishing functions

Before, it could happen that the radio would replay a song that was recently played. This was because the randomize function took no concern to the playlist. Likewise, it was also possible to wish songs that were recently played.

I've now resolved these issues by maintaining a queue log and rewritten the scripts to prohibit selection of random songs which appear in the log. The same goes for the wishing function. Currently the queue log is maximum 10 entries.

Server down due to power cut

The server, which hosts the website and the radio, had to be turned off for a few days due to scheduled power cut. But do not fret - because it is back up again!

Reverted DNAS to earlier version

Some listeners have reported that their client repeatedly hangs, causing the listening experience to become that of a dodgy vinyl record when the needle gets stuck. And this started to happen beginning of this year.

I suspect that this is caused by the newer version of the DNAS server, which is responsible of managing the client connections to the radio and feeding them with the stream. I've also noticed that since this upgrade it takes considerably longer time to connect, but I've not personally experienced the scratcy vinyl that others have reported.

So in an attempt to nail down that cause I've now reverted the DNAS server back to the one used previously, and hopefully that solves this problem. Please keep me posted if you notice any changes.

Fixed bugs; songlist updates are automatically reported

I found some bugs that I've now fixed, and I also finally got to writing that script I've always wanted that automatically reports as news whenever the songlist is updated (i.e. if a new song is added, something is removed, or if a song is replaced by another with higher quality). Just to make my life a little more automated. =)

Website ported to PHP

I finally got around to porting the website to PHP, mainly because I intend to run the webserver on a tiny Raspberry Pi (for security reasons), and Tomcat is a bit too heavy for that. Plus JSP is a real pain in the ass to handle and configure.

For you listeners, however, this makes no difference whatsoever. =)

Verification function added when wishing; wish log purged

It seems that some of the crawlers still don't respect the 'robots.txt' - or if they indeed are crawlers and not some spamming bots...

Anyway, I've now added a verification function like the one used in the guestbook. That ought to stop them! Sure, it's not very sophisticated, but I highly doubt anyone will spend that much effort on customizing their bots to getting around the "security" perimiters on this website.

Consequently, I've also purged the wish log (for the a second time). So now the statistics should only reflect the actual wishes - made by the you - and not those made by some annoying bots! Enjoy!


What are you still doing here? Go and tune in the radio! Unless you already have; if so - then enjoy! And thanks for listening!

Wish log purged; radio connections now seem to be stable

More than a week has passed since I updated the 'robots.txt' file, and it appears that the crawlers have taken note and stopped spamming the wish log. So I've now purged it so that it will gather only the wishes which hold true to you - the listeners.

I've also noticed that twiddling with the QoS engine have once and for all fixed the problems of unstable radio connections; I've had a connection open at work for over 8 hours without any hickups.

I apologize for all the inconveniences that you may have experienced during this journey, but I believe that it will have led to a greater good. Next thing I will fix is a script which automatically posts a news entry whenever I've added, modified, or removed something from the playlist. But that will have to wait; I have too much stuff at work at the moment to allow any spare time for that...

QoS enabled to resolve choppy listening experience

It appears that yesterday's disabling of the QoS caused unstable connections, which choppy streams and disconnects as a result.

I have now re-enabled the QoS and tweaked its settings, so the upload speed is still at full rate and the radio traffic is given highest priority. We'll see in the next day or two whether this removes these problems; hopefully once and for all.

Server down due to power outage, upload speed fixed

When I got home from work today the living room was all nice and quiet. That's not a good sign; that means the server is not running! Apparently a fail-safety switch had gotten pulled, so by restoring it the living room was back to its noisy and musky warm nature. And the radio's back online, which is always nice for you listeners. =)

By the way, I've been experiencing some really crappy upload speeds: barely making it over 8 MBit/s. And I'm sitting on a 100 MBit/s connection here! Turns out it was the QoS engine in the router that was acting up. Disabling it gave me all the bitty goodness I desire. And on the plus side, I think this will solve the unstable radio connections some have been experiencing - me included. We can hope, at least. Otherwise I have an excuse to buy myself a new router (pleeeeease be broken, pleeeease...)

Songs wished by crawlers - hopefully prevented

Here I thought that the wish count was so high because the listeners (i.e. you) were so eager in getting to hear what they want. But I just found out what was causing it:

Web crawlers.

Each time one of them crawls one of the wish links, the song gets appended to the queue and the wish count increased. And how often do they crawl? Well, before I cleared the queue just a minute ago there was over 300 songs pending to be played. Because of this I've also cleared the wish log as it did not accurately reflect what you (i.e. the listeners) actually want to hear.

I've added a 'robots.txt' file to indicate that the crawlers should leave those links alone, but apparently it could take a week or so before they conform to it after it's been updated. And that's an opt-in solution for crawlers; if they are not "nice" crawlers, they will just ignore whatever it says and keep wishing away like maniacs.

If the queue continues to spiral out of control I'll be forced to take other precautions. Evidently they are using multiple IPs or spoofing the IP since there is a 5-minute timeout once you've made a wish, and they apparently get around that. Let's just see what happens, shall we? =)

Evidently still problems

Even though I haven't experienced any problems when attempting to stream at work, the lower listener count typically indicates that others still have problems. So I've lowered the bitrate to 256 kbit/s.

I hope that this is the last time I have touch that setting...

Bitrate upped on trial

I might have figured out what was causing the unexpected client drops; my router as acting up so after a factory reset and firmware update it seems to be back to what it used to be (which is to say, working but makes me wish I had something more robust). Anyway, after these changes there has been no more disconnects, so I believe that to be the cause and not the bitrate.

To put my hypothesis to the test, I've upped the bitrate to 320 kbit/s again. If there are no more disconnects, I'll leave it at that. And if the problem persists, I'll lower it back to 160 kbit/s since that was the last setting when everything worked.

Sorry for the inconveniences. I hope you still like listening to this radio station, and that these mishaps haven't forced you to swtich station (upon which you wouldn't be reading this anyway =)).

Bitrate lowered

For some reason, it seems that clients are being disconnected at random while listening. This is of course extremely annoying and I'm looking in to it the best I can.

For now I've lowered the bitrate to 160 kbit/s. If that removes the problem then we have the culprit (although I don't understand why that should be the cause - the machine has plenty of CPU and bandwidth resources).

At the very least, lower quality is much better than choppy quality.

Wishing function operational

After a whole day of fiddling with the server, the wishing function is now operational. I must say that the new SHOUTcast transcoder is quite sweet and made the whole backend much more intuitive and smoother. Even though I had to shell out a whopping $5 to get it! =)

I also lowered the bitrate to 256 kbit/s as there was some chopping when listening. I'm not exactly sure what the cause may be but I suspect the too-high bitrate. Let me know if the stream still chops even with the slightly-lower setting.

At some point I will also port the entire website from JSP to PHP because I'm just sick and tired of having to beat my head against Tomcat every time I do some reinstall. Just now I wasted an hour trying to get a JAR package to work which turned out to have been compiled with too high a Java version compared to what is running on the server. JSP was an experience to try out, but nothing that I will do ever again...

Radio back online

The radio is now back online! However, the wishing function is still down since I need to rebuild it completely, and I have more pressing matters to attend to first. So expect the stream feed to be a bit shaky for the next few days. As a compensation, I've increased the streaming quality to 320 kbit/s. =)

I'll work on it as soon as I can, but expect at least a few days before it's back in operation.

Radio down again

Sorry, but the radio is down again due to server reinstall. I'm working on it as fast as I can, but it might take another day or two.

Radio down

The server suffered an acute lack of power - the PSU died. But now I've purchased and installed a replacement and the radio is flowing again. Let's hope this one lasts longer than the previuos one. =)

Fixed some more bugs

Found some more bugs that prevented some songs from being wished. They've been fixed now, and I hope they were the last. If there are any more, please let me know - we wouldn't want to keep you from listening to your favourite songs, would we? =)

Fixed some bugs

There was some problems with the website due to some bugs that arise when one of the plugins to Winamp changed. Strange that they didn't rear their ugly heads sooner...

At any rate, they are now fixed and the radio should be streaming as... [un]smoothly as before.

Songlist update

By request from a friend, the following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Jordan and Baker - Explode (Marc van Linden Video Cut)
Playlist augmented

I did some slight changes to the website. The playlist now shows not only songs that have been played, but the next songs that will be played. Mostly this only entails the song following the current song, but if someone has made a wish then that will appear on the playlist. Kind of nice, huh?

Website back online

The website to RebootRadio is finally back online! The main reason why it has been done is because I couldn't get the configuration script right for Tomcat 6 (after migrating from Tomcat 5). After much trial-and-error I eventually gave up.

Until now.

Radio back up, bitrate increased

The maintenance is now complete and the radio is back online. Due to this, the wishing statistics had to be cleared.

I've also increased the bitrate from 128 kbps to 320 kbps since the load on the radio isn't that high (and those who do listen ought to be given the highest possible experience).

Radio down

The radio has been brought offline due to maintenance of the songlist. It should be back on the air within a few days. I apologize for this inconvinience.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Alex Morph feat. Simon - No Regrets (Menno de Jong Vocal Intepretation)
  • Andy Prinz - Soiled Skies (Original Mix)
  • Andy Prinz - Wide Open (Instrumental Club Mix)
  • Ehren Stowers - Both Worlds (AMR Remix)
  • Ehren Stowers - Both Worlds (Redstar Vision)
  • First State - Off the Radar (First State's Bigroom Mix)
  • First State & Alex Kunnari - Breathe in the Radar (Carl B Mash Up)
  • Friends of the Street Parade - Move Your Mind (Astura Vox Edit)
  • Immoral Monkeys - Boena Ya Manyak (Carl B Remix)
  • JPL - Escapism (Original Mix)
  • Orkidea - Metaverse (Gareth Emery Remix)
  • Paul Miller & Motion Blur - Chieftec (Original Mix)
  • Samara - Verano (Fast Distance's Uplifting Mix)
  • Sebastian Sand - Creeps (Ronski Speed Mix)
  • Sequence 11 - Just My Kind (Adam Szabo Remix)
  • Sundriver - Feel (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Wild Fusion - Secret Journey (Original Mix)
Long overdue songlist update

Hi, folks! Yes, it's been a while since anything new has happened on this radio station. Not that there has been a need for such, other than adding new material...

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • 8 Wonders - Eventuality
  • Absolute - Skyhigh
  • Adam Stodtko vs. Sundriver - Monique (Restard vs. Evbointh Remix)
  • Adam Stodtko vs. Sundriver - Monique (Temple 1 Remix)
  • Adam Szabo - Altra (Original Mix)
  • Adam White vs. Nat Monday - Another Dominant Force (Sierra Hotel Mix)
  • Adrian Ivan - Re-back (Monogato's Summerlounge Remix)
  • Aerium & Krivi - Forever Playing (Original Mix)
  • Aerodive - Summer Dive (Original Mix)
  • Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial (Airbase Remix)
  • Airwave - Batignolles Blues
  • Airwave - Punjabi Child (Original Mix)
  • Alan Marcero - Remember Me (Cressida Remix)
  • Alex Pich & Dmitry Federov - Drops on the Moon (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
  • Algarve vs. Cold Blue - Sakura (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Andy Duguid Remix)
  • Andrelli & Blue feat. Hila - Transparent (Tritonal's Air Up There Remix)
  • Andy Tau - The Path (Rozza vs. Daniel Kandi Remix)
  • Anton Firtich - Rain over the Ocean (Vadim Zhukov Remix)
  • Armin van Buuren - Intricacy
  • Arpi - Somewhere Else (Rozza Remix)
  • Artexx - The Other Way (Simon Bostock Remix)
  • Artimes - Stream (Digitalis' Cold Air Mix)
  • Ata - Ocean Breeze (Suncatcher's Wavemotion Remix)
  • Aurosonic - My Way (Original Mix)
  • Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness (Super8 & Tab Remix)
  • Beat Service - Nectar (Multivitamin Mix)
  • Black Pearl - Coral Sea
  • Breakfast & Mike Saint Jules - Lifeforms (Original Mix)
  • BT - Flaming June (BT & Paul van Dyke Mix)
  • BT - Flaming June (James Andrew Mix)
  • BT - Mercury and Solace (Master Mix)
  • Captured Sun - Inherent Condition (Original Mix)
  • Chapter G8 - Final Destination (Original Mix)
  • Clear & Present - Elevate
  • Clear View feat. Jessica - Tell Me (Max Graham Remix)
  • Couldwalker - Canyon
  • D Air - Abrente (Ambient Version)
  • D Folt feat. Marcie - Red Forrest (Benya Remix)
  • Daniel Kandi & Nuemann - Lovin' Feeling
  • Darude - In the Darkness (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Dub)
  • Dave 202 - Louvre (Original Mix)
  • Deep Voices - Surrender Morning (Original Mix)
  • Dennis Sheperd - Run Away (Store 'n Forward Remix)
  • Dereck Recay - Aquarius (Original Mix)
  • Dereck Recay - Dream Way (Arctic Moon Remix)
  • Derelict - Prediction (Digitalis Movin' On Mix)
  • Dinka - Temptation (Original Mix)
  • Dreas - Purple Clouds
  • Dreas & Mike Perry - Arctic Sweep (Original Mix)
  • DT8 Project - Destination (Above & Beyond Remix)
  • Duderstadt vs. Store 'n Forward - Broken (Duderstadt Progressive Mix)
  • Duderstadt vs. Store 'n Forward - Broken (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple 1 Remix)
  • Fa Kin Su Pah - Big Chief's Herbs (Sequentia Remix)
  • Facade - Know Tryself (Facade's 2008 Remix)
  • Fallen Skies - Stealin' Love (Digitalis' Breath Mix)
  • Fast Distance - Elysion (Original Mix)
  • Fast Distance & Static Blue - Fictive Sequence (Original Mix)
  • Fast Distance & Static Blue - Floating World (Saint Rush Remix)
  • Ferdy & Matt van Wyk - I Feel So Lonely (Original Mix)
  • Ferrin & Low vs. Alan Morris - Atlanta
  • Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Luminosity Anthem Mix)
  • Foundry - Believe (Fast Distance Remix)
  • Frank Robusch - Tapestry (Original Mix)
  • Friends of Street Parade - Move Your Mind (Astura Vox Remix)
  • Front - Insomnia (Original Mix)
  • Gabriel Miller - Back to Zrich (Zero 3 Remix)
  • George Acosta feat. Aruna - Fallin' Backwards (Duderstadt's Uplifting Remix)
  • Hydroid - The Eternal (Activa Remix)
  • Hydroid - The Eternal (R.O.R. & Mark Alston Vocal Remix)
  • Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (Re-locate Bootleg)
  • Inertia - The System (Jon O'Bir Remix)
  • Jon O'Bir feat. Emi - Do It Again (Duderstadt Progressive Dub Remix)
  • Jonas Hornblad & Bjrn Hdel - Hydrogen (Original Mix)
  • Jonas Hornblad & Bjrn Hdel - Hydrogen (Sundriver Remix)
  • Joni & Sinfour - Looking Back (Sinfour 80s Remix)
  • Jose Gonzales - Crosses (DJ Tisto Remix)
  • Kamui - Get Lifted
  • Kopi Luwak feat. Tiff Lacey - Far and Away (Arthur Schmidt vs. Adymus Remix)
  • Krivi - Reliving Those Years (Original Mix)
  • Kyau & Albert - Hide and Seek (Lange Remix)
  • Lnova - Blackout (Original Mix)
  • LNQ - Tired (Original Mix)
  • Lost Witness - Dreams (Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest Remix)
  • LWB - Deep Red (JPL Remix)
  • Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar Remix)
  • Mat Zo - Defined
  • Mat Zo - Rush
  • Matt Cerf & Evelio feat. Jaren - Walk Away (Manvel ter Pogosyon Remix)
  • Melodia - Motion Theory (North Star Remix)
  • Michael Pure - Liberty (Giran M & Thomas Feijk Remix)
  • Mike Efex - Ordinary Perfection (Original Mix)
  • Mind Design - Free Soul (Original Mix)
  • Motion Blur - Take a Look and See (Dub Mix)
  • Myon & Shane 54 - Not a Lot Left
  • Myon & Shane 54 - Trapped (Dub Mix)
  • Mystery Island - Perfect Escape (Octagen Remix)
  • Noah Neiman & Mst feat. Catherine - Run With Me (Noah Neiman's Betrayal of Life Remix)
  • Norman & Foley - M21 (Max Orian Remix)
  • Nu Fjord - It's About U (Original Mix)
  • Oceanlab - Breaking Ties (Duderstadt Remix)
  • Oceanlab - Miracle (Martin Roth Dub)
  • Onova - Niveus (Original Mix)
  • Orjan Nilsen - Soulflayer (Original Mix)
  • Oxide & Poonyk - Innovation (Original Mix)
  • P.A.F.F. - From King to Finch
  • Paul Allen - Your Heart (Michael Cassette Remix)
  • Paul Miller & Michael Mystica - Turn On (A1 Original Mix)
  • Paul Miller & Project Logical - Tape Ware (Project Logical Mix)
  • Paul Oakenfold - Flesh (DJ Tisto Mix)
  • Paul van Dyke feat. Ashley Tomberlin - New York City (Super8 & Tab Remix)
  • Phatt feat. Kate Smith - Worlds Apart (Jamx & Daniel Kaye T Instrumental)
  • Project Logical - Logica
  • Pulser - Sunseeker (Vocal Mix)
  • Push - Trance Indicator (Plastic Boy Remix)
  • Redstar - Awakening (Original Mix)
  • Reminder - In a Few Days (Original Mix)
  • Rex Mundi - Sunrise in Ibiza (Original Mix)
  • Rob D - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix)
  • Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi - Rewire (Original Mix)
  • Robert Nickson - Narc (Original Mix)
  • Robert Vadney - Second Sky
  • Ronski Speed - Revolving Doors (Club Mix)
  • Sensorica - Authorization
  • Sensorica - Creative Ability
  • Sensorica - Neosphere
  • Sensorica - Only One (Rave Mix)
  • Sensorica - Safe to Dream (Original Mix)
  • Sensorica - Sensation
  • Sensorica - The Artifact
  • Sensorica - Turning Back
  • Serge Devant - Sweet Harmony (Isma Ae Instrumental Remix)
  • Sied van Riel & R.O.R. - Closer to You (Plastic Angel vs. Store 'n Forward Remix)
  • Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix)
  • Signum - Any Given Moment
  • Simon Hunt - The Burn (Manuel le Saux Remix)
  • Simon Patterson - Different Feeling
  • Simon Patterson - Us (Original Mix)
  • Simonov & Nefedov - Anonymous Star (Shifted Reality Remix)
  • Solarstone - Rain Stars Eternal (Angelli & Nelson Remix)
  • Static Blue & 7 Skies - Central Park (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Sundriver - City Lights (Daniel Kandi Remix)
  • Super8 & Tab - Elektra (Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann Remix)
  • Supuer - Minerva (Temple 1 Remix)
  • Szeifert & Krash - Rhythm of Noise (Orange Project Remix)
  • Talla 2XLC - No Inbetween (Duderstadt Progressive Dub)
  • Talla 2XLC feat. Susana - I Know (Paul Miller Dub Mix)
  • Tenthu - Purple Sands (Original Mix)
  • The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing
  • Thomas Bronzwaer - Titan (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - 2v2 (Robert Nickson Remix)
  • Thomas Datt & Bissen feat. Tiff Lacey - Take Your Time (Thomas Datt Dub Mix)
  • Thomas Feijk - Toaster (Richard Davison Remix)
  • Trancedellic - Delicious Dreamer (Cyclone One Deep Dub Mix)
  • Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Walk with Me (4AM Dub)
  • Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights
  • Waterspark - Fairway (Digitalis Remix)
  • Wiz - The Sun Is Shining in Paradise
  • Yuan - Pressure
Address change

I've changed address from www.rebootradio.net to www.rebootradio.nu.

Songlist update (now over 1,000 songs)

The station now has over 1,000 songs in its repertoire.

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Ablert Keyn - Save One Love (Brt Dub Remix)
  • Ablert Kyen - Save One Love (Contraption Remix)
  • Airwave - Alone in the Dark
  • Airwave - Sunday Dark Firma
  • Akesson - Perfect Blue (Solar Movement Bangin' Mix)
  • Akira Kayosa - Collective Hysteria (Temple 1 Remix)
  • Bissen - Sandstone
  • Datt & Bissen feat. Tiff Lacey - Take Your Time (Bissen Vocal Mix)
  • Dreas - Signs (Original Mix)
  • Immoral Monkeys - Something Else (Original Mix)
  • Jamaster A - One Night in Beijing (Airbase Mix)
  • James Armada - Autumn (Original Mix)
  • Jon O'Bir - Ways and Means (Original Mix)
  • Kaskade - I Remember
  • Keenan & Anderson feat. Tiff Lacey - Runaway (Mike Nichol Vocal Remix)
  • Rozza feat. Tiff Lacey - No More Rain (Rozza vs. Kiholm Dub Mix)
  • Scylla & Karydbe - Aerosphere (Original Courte Version)
  • Sebastian J - She is the Only One (Palma Solan Remix)
  • Sphinx & Afreet - Machaon (Aurosonic Remix)
  • Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights
  • V-Tec - HD Ready (Terry Ryan Remix)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • AB Project - Relentless (Original Mix)
  • Aboutblank feat. Mque - Active Side (Marian Closca Remix)
  • Activa - End of Summer (Original Mix)
  • AJ Hutch feat. Jonas Hornblad - Small World (Original Mix)
  • Alex Morph feat. Katie - Spirit (Original Mix)
  • Andy Blueman - Time to Rest (Original Mix)
  • Armin van Buuren - Face to Face
  • Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Armin van Buuren's Universal Remix)
  • Carl B - Life Can Wait (Original Mix)
  • Cosmic Gate feat. Roxanne Emery - A Day that Fades (Inpetto Instrumental)
  • David West & Inkfish - Hello Piano (Original Mix)
  • DJ Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Don't Wake Me Up (Instrumental Mix)
  • DJ Shog - (Feel Me) Through the Radio (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub)
  • Eddie Sender - Genesis (Karybde & Scylla Remix)
  • Erik de Koning - Dream Flight (Club Mix)
  • Fast Distance - Eternal Blow (Original Mix)
  • Fast Distance - Heaven's Melody (Haris C Remix)
  • Ferry Corsten - Galaxia (Original Extended Mix)
  • Foundy - Foundation (Original Mix)
  • Frase & Koto - Down to the Wire (Original Mix)
  • Haris C - Morning Sun (Introspective Mix)
  • Haris C - Morning Sun (Update Project Ambient Mix)
  • Higher Ground - Always (Ben Nicky Rework)
  • HKN - Sun in My Eyes (Fast Distance Remix)
  • Jan Johnston & DJ Trenix - Let the World Fall Apart (Funabashi Remix)
  • Jan Johnston & DJ Trenix - Let the World Fall Apart (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  • Jorn van Deynhoven - Godspeed (Joshua Cunningham Dub)
  • Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Albion Remix)
  • Kamaya Painters - Northern Spririt (Original Mix)
  • Kamaya Painters - Soft Light (Original Mix)
  • Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze (Original Mix)
  • Kaskade - 4 AM (Adam K & Soha Dub)
  • Ksp - Don't Give Up (Optimus Prime Remix)
  • Lemon & Einar K - Hold Me Now (Original Mix)
  • Maarten Hercules - Red Sun Landing (Progressive Mix)
  • Majai - Phoria (Jorn van Deynhoven Dub Mix)
  • Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh - Fallen Tides (12" Dub)
  • Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh - Fallen Tides (Mat Zo Remix)
  • Marninx - Pure Sense (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Marninx - Stardust
  • Marninx - Sun Day
  • Mike Storm - Airflow (Original Mix)
  • Mind One - Hurt of Intention (Ferry Corsten Remix)
  • Moonman - Don't be Afraid
  • Moonman - Galaxia
  • Myon - Albion (Mark Norman Remix)
  • Nitrous Oxide - Cornflake
  • Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra (Orjan Nilsen Balaeric Mix)
  • Orjan Nilsen - Scrubs
  • Paul Miller - Galaxy
  • Preijers & Hercules - After 87 (Will Holland Remix)
  • Prospekt - Electrofly (Nitrous Oxide Mix)
  • Reminder feat. Mque - Eye to Eye (Store 'n Forward Dub Remix)
  • Reminder feat. Mque - Eye to Eye (Store 'n Forward Vocal Remix)
  • Robert Vadney - A Day in Heaven (Original Mix)
  • Ronny K - Orchidea (Original Mix)
  • Ronski Speed feat. Aruna - All the Way (Bissen Remix)
  • Sagen & Jonas - Cold Waters (Mystery Island Remix)
  • Simon Hunt - Elara (Original Mix)
  • Simon Hunt - Elara (Rob B Remix)
  • Stan Void - When You Know (Breakfast & Saint Jules Remix)
  • Sunshade - City of Glass (Mark Versluis Remix)
  • Sunshade - City of Glass (Original Mix)
  • Sunshade - Vertigo (Original Mix)
  • Tastexperience - ATD
  • Tastexperience - Solo
  • Temple 1 - Aurora (Original Mix)
  • The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher - The Last Time (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Jacobsen - Shine (Serenade Remix)
  • Tom Colontonio - Infinity Passage (Original Mix)
Radio station down

The radio station has been off the air for an unknown amount of time (but I suspect it's only a day or two) due to Windows Update. The machine was set up to automatically download and install new updates, and that also means the computer reboots after any new installation. I had fixed that problem, though, with a Winamp plugin which auto-play upon startup. Unfortunately, the SHOUTcast plugin does not connect automatically to SHOUTcast server. I believe this to be a bug, since the option to do just that is selected.

Until further notice, I have disabled automatic updates and apologize for not addressing this earlier.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Absolute - Absolute-ly (Original Mix)
  • Andrelli & Blue feat. Hila - Imagine (Rozza Remix)
  • Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go (John O'Callaghan Instrumental Mix)
  • Beats of Genesis vs. Legend B - Lost in Love 2007 (Sean Tyas Alternative Mix)
  • Benya - Dione (Original Mix)
  • Digitalis - Dreamfall (Original Mix)
  • Haris C vs. Digitalis - Back on Track (Digitalis Taken Remix)
  • Hensha - The Curtain (Peter Dafnous Remix)
  • Kamil Polner - Earth Protector (7 Skies & Static Blue Remix)
  • Kamil Polner - Earth Protector (Vast Vision Remix)
  • Khensu - Chasing Leaves (Original Mix)
  • Kylkai - Kaimaar (Deepwide Remix)
  • Kylkai - Kaimaar (Supuer Remix)
  • N2O - Salida del Sol (Alternative Mix)
  • Rob D - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix)
  • Rozza - Never Never Land (Adymus Remix)
  • Sebastian Brandt - So Cold (Cold Blue Remix)
  • Sequentia - Eclipse (Original Mix)
Added more data to statistics

It is now possible to see the total wish count in the statistics for wished songs. Furthermore, the number of people who have wished are also displayed (distinguished by IP number).

Wished songs statistics slightly improved

Before, the statistics were simply ordered by the number of times each song has been wished (in descending order). There were, however, no sorting by title, making the list cumbersome to read.

So now, the list is sorted first by wish count (still in descending order) and then by title (in ascending order). This should make the list easier to read.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Aerium - Terai (Osip Remix)
  • Akesson - Sunchaser (Ljungqvist Remix)
  • Akesson - Sunchaser (Sonic Division Remix)
  • Alex Chilcott - The Placebo Effect
  • Alive Stone - Afterlight (Adam Navel Remix)
  • Boom Jinx feat. Key - External Reminiscence (Original Mix)
  • Electrobios & Interplay - With You (Jaytech Remix)
  • In Progress & Omnia - Air Flower (Original Mix)
  • Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak feat. Tiff Lacey - Fall Into the Moon (Rob D Sunrise Remix)
  • Sonic Division - If I Had Wings
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Above & Beyond - Far From in Love (Oliver Smith Remix)
  • Oceanlab - Beautiful Together (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • Onova - Platitude (Original Mix)
  • The Thrillseekers - Dreaming of You (Dub Mix)
  • The Thrillseekers - Dreaming of You (Flutlicht Remix)
Bitrate set to 128 kbps, reverted to ShoutCAST DSP

After receiving feedback from one or our dear listeners, I've lowered the transfer bitrate from 160 to 128 kbps. This will reduce buffering which some listeners on slower connections might experience. Besides, the quality loss shouldn't be too great, and it's still better to eliminate buffering altogether.

When trying to lower the bitrate, however, ODDcast decided that it would be a good idea to use VBR instead of constant transfer rate. I couldn't change this and so had to change to ShoutCAST DSP, the plugin I used before until there was a minor issue with non-English characters (ODDcast didn't fix that problem, anyway).

I hope this will allow more listeners to tune in to this station.

Songlist update, almost 900 songs

I've found more songs and have added these to the station's repertoire. I especially enjoy Sunlounger's style. Go ahead and listen!

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • DJ Adhe - Secret (LTN Late Night Remix)
  • Krivi - Surreal Skies (Original Mix)
  • Logistic - One More Night Out (Original Mix)
  • Marnix - Morning Light
  • Randy Boyer & Hydroid - Strike Again (Original Mix)
  • Reconceal - Receptance (Angel Ace Remix)
  • Redstar - Rush (Karl G Remix)
  • Saint Rush - Burning Red Skies (Jonathan Martin Electric Progressive Remix)
  • Shadowrider - Blue Horizon (Adymus Remix)
  • Shadowrider - Blue Horizon (Luke Terry Remix)
  • Store 'n Forward - Honeymoon (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Remix)
  • Sunlounger - Another Day on the Terrace (Club Mix)
  • Sunlounger - Hierbas Ibicencas (Club Mix)
  • Sunlounger feat. Zara - Crawling (Original Mix)
Songlist update

Christmas and New Year has long passed, and it's been a while since the last update. But, the radio station is not dead if you thought that there's just been no reason to write here since I haven't found any new songs to put on the songlist.

Anyhoo, a few days ago, I found some new beats. Remember that you can make wishes to have the songs played if you want to hear a particular song (seems not too many people are using it...).

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • 1 A.M. - Moonball (Original Mix)
  • Cold Blue - Oasis (Original Mix)
  • Emotional Horizons & X-Plorations - Emotia (Original Mix)
  • Favor - Issapering Rainbow
  • Favor - Sea Roar
  • Ferry Corsten - Into the Dark (Breakfast Remix)
  • First State - Reach Me (Original Mix)
  • First State - Rhyapsody (Original Mix)
  • Galen Behr vs. Hydroid - Shift of the Ages (Hydroid Remix)
  • Greg Downey - Once Again (Original Mix)
  • In Progress - Avalache (Original Mix)
  • Lange feat. Andy Perris - Remember You
  • Lange - Nearly Home
  • Lexwood - I Love Trance (Chapter XJ Remix)
  • Mike Koglin - 1 1.168 (Pulser Remix)
  • Sensorica & Omen - Another Day (Oxide Remix)
  • Signalrunners - Electric Sheep (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
  • The Originators - Elysion
  • Tyler Michaud & JPL - 5 Days Till Sunrise (Original Mix)
  • Vira - Fractured Existence (The Ethyleen Project Remix)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Active Sight - Out of Our Lives (Original Mix)
  • Christian Zechner - November Morning (Original Mix)
  • Daniel Kandi - Turnmills (Original Mix)
  • Digitalis - So Far Away (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix)
  • Mantra - Mindscape (Original Mix)
  • Mark Eteson & Jon Prior - Dynamic Stability (Frase Rework)
  • O & R - Beat Design
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Bissen - Reveal
  • Breakfast - The Horizon (Original Mix)
  • Duderstadt feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude (Duderstadt Progressive Mix)
  • Factoria - Excalibur (Vocal Mix)
  • Factoria - More Sleepless Nights
  • Factoria - Revive (Original Mix)
  • Frase - Close Quarters (Original Mix)
  • Genix & Chris Chambers - Waterfall (Factoria Dub Mix)
  • John Huijbers - Wanting You (Miika Leinonen Remix)
  • Mannih - Mercury (Arizona Remix)
  • Matt Cerf vs. Eric Meza feat. Jaren - With Me (Original Mix)
  • Nitrous Oxide - Amnesia (Original Mix)
  • Se.Ra.Phic - Heaven Trace (Original Mix)
  • Sensorica - Few Days Away (Affective Remix)
  • Serenade - Out of My Life (Elitist Remix)
  • Tranquility Base - Buzz (Breakfast Remix)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Falkon & Nebula feat. Sasja - So Lost (Stalker's Found U Remix)
  • Sequentia vs. Amphiby - Kaleidoscope (Sonika Remix)
Server moved, Internet connection enhanced, songlist update

I have finally moved out of my parents' apartment into my own flat. Thereby, I have gotten a 100/10 MBit/s Internet connection installed (but I will see if I can't get it up to full 100/100).

Also, the following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Gareth Emery & Jon Obir - Bouncebackability (Mind Remix)
  • George Acosta vs. Mike Shiver - The Apocalypse (Mike Shiver Mix)
  • Hammer - Deep Blue Ocean
  • Igoda - Debutantez
  • Jose Zamora & Damian DP feat. Paleday - Transatlantic (Andy Moor Remix)
  • LNQ - Tired (Original Mix)
  • Orjan Nilsen - In Fusion
  • Perpetual - Blue Intention (Digitalis' Oceanside Mix)
  • Sun Decade - Breath of Life (Original Mix)
  • Syndica - Orange Sky
  • The Originators - Clearise
  • Tomoya Tachibana - Eternity

Apparently I already have 100 MBit/s up and down. =D

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • 1 A.M. - Moonball (Original Mix)
  • Amnesia Brothers - Immersion (Original Mix)
  • Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix)
  • Solar Stone - Solar Coaster
  • Vadim Zhukov - Exit (Robert Nickson Remix)
  • Young Parisians - Obsession (1 A.M. Club Remix)
  • Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost - Jump the Next Train (Vadim Zhukov Dub Remix)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Amurai vs. Static Blue - After the Sunrise (Alex Morph & Woody van Eyden's Dark as Dub)
  • Amurai vs. Static Blue - After the Sunrise (Daniel Kandi's Rising Remix)
  • Andrew Parsons & Emphased Reality - Underworld Dreams (Hawk Remix)
  • Perfect Pitch - Innocent (Hawk Remix)
  • Sean Tyas - Remember (Serenade Remix)
  • Solarsun - Overjoyed (Store 'n Forward Remix)
  • Sophie Sugar - Day Seven
  • Store 'n Forward - About Bees & Flowers (Beta Mix)
  • Syna - Do You Feel (Lume Remix)
Songlist update (more than 800 songs now), crappy internet connection

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • A98 - Binary Star
  • A98 - Solar Wind
  • A.T.P - Driftations (Santerna Mix)
  • Akemi - A New Era (Robbie van Doe Remix)
  • Akemi - Alone without You (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix)
  • Cellec - Love of My Life (Tenthu Summer Mix)
  • Dave 202 - Rain Against Her (Original Mix)
  • David West - Stuck in Friendsville (Allende Remix)
  • David West - Stuck in Friendsville (Original Mix)
  • David West - True Love (Vadim Soloviev Remix)
  • Deadmau5 - Jaded (Original Mix)
  • Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit)
  • JPL & Serp - Distant (Original Mix)
  • Kris O'Neil vs. Daniel Kandi - Back Home (Tom Colontonio Remix)
  • Lost Witness vs. Sassot - Whatever (Aly & Fila Remix)
  • Luke Terry - Rachel's Song (Original Mix)
  • Megara vs. DJ Lee - Hold Your Hands Up High (Club Mix)
  • Mind Movement - Oceania (Original Mix)
  • Orjan Nilsen - Orlando (Original Mix)
  • Orjan Nilsen & R-Lend - Amytal (Original Mix)
  • Perpetual feat. Fisher - Innocent (Original Mix)
  • Plastic Angel - Try Walking in My World (Original Mix)
  • Priority Q feat. Elles de Graaf - Mirror of My Memory (Icone Dub)
  • Rene Ablaze vs. Cyres - Talking to the Moon (Rene Ablaze Remix)
  • Sean Tyas - Drop (Original Mix)
  • Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi - Kraftmatik (Original Mix)
  • Tenthu - Zair (Proff Remix)
  • Tetrazone - Glorious Night (S Tune Lonely Breaks Mix)
  • Zhi-Vago - Celebrate the Love (Club Mix)
  • Zhi-Vago - Dreamer (Inner Voice Mix)

This brings us up to a total of 816 songs. If you have anything you want added to the list, let me know and I'll consider it. ^^

Also, I should tell you that my Internet connection is quite crappy at the moment. And it's not because of the connection itself (which rocks, by the way), but the hub that connects the server to the rest of my network. Last week or so, my Netgear 100 MBit switch died after 7 years of hard labor, and now I have to connect both mine and the server to a 3COM 10 MBit hub (yes, H-U-B). This degrades my connection immensely, so there might be lots of buffering at times when I'm using DC I mean, downloading legally bought music. If there's lag, I apologize. I hope to upgrade the network to Gigabit once I move out in about a month and purchase a new router (and switch, for that matter).

Songlist update, contact entry book upgraded

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Perpetual feat. Kyara - Second Season (Original Mix)
  • Re-Locate vs. Cliff Coenraad - We Feel (Re-Locate Mix)
  • Signalrunners - Flutter (Original Mix)

Furthermore, I have added an extra field to the contact entry book. It is now possible to write your location when submitting an entry, but this field is optional so you don't have to set it if you don't want to.

Contact entry book added

I have written a small entry book and put it in the Contact section. Yes, it is a guestbook, but I don't want to call it that. In any case, you can now leave messages to me without having to send an email (much more convenient that way). "What to write," you say? Well, anything you like what you feel is good; what you feel is bad; songs you want added to the songlist; etc

Check it out.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Jussi Polet - Skyline (Vascotia Remix)
  • Mystique - Just a Thought (Sonic Division Remix)
  • Ryan G - Supernova (Original Mix)
  • Sonicvibe - Nostalgia
Website down

I discovered a few days ago that the website was down. This has happened before (it seems the webserver decides to bail out every now and then and needs restarting) so I installed the latest version of XAMPP. But that wasn't as easy as that, since my websites failed to function afterwards.

It took three days to get it up and running again, and I hope now that this webserver won't behave like it used to before. We'll just have to wait and see.

News displayment modified, songlist updated and some general info

I've rewritten the News section slightly to only display the most current news when entering the section. You can still display all news, though, by using the link at the bottom of this page. This is to keep the main News section clean and up to date.

I've also added the following new songs to the songlist (all found in one day and that's rare, I tell you) (view legend):

  • 3rd Moon - Burned Out
  • 3rd Moon - Meltdown
  • Andy Duguid feat. Leah - Don't Belong
  • Eddie Sender - Aum Gasana (Original Mix)
  • First State feat. Anita Kelsey - Falling
  • Glenn Morrison - Contact
  • JPL - Colder Than You (Funabashi Remix)
  • JPL - Colder Than You (Original Mix)
  • Jussi Polet - Live Love Die (Original Mix)
  • Jussi Polet - Two Seas Apart (Original Mix)
  • Kamil Polner & Michelle Richer - Equinox (Nitrous Oxide Dub)
  • Leonied Rudenko - Summerfish (Scandall Sunset on Ibiza Mix)
  • Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit
  • Mike Shiver & Elevation feat. Carrie Skipper - Hurricane (Elevation Mix)
  • Mike Shiver & Elevation feat. Carrie Skipper - Hurricane (Mike Shiver Mix)
  • Ohma - The Sun'll Shine (Sunrise Mix)
  • Signalrunners - Don't Look Back
  • Signalrunners - One Last Look
  • Taxigirl - High Glow
  • The Crossover - Exhale (Sean Tyas Remix)
  • The Veil Kings - Searching for Truth
  • Tragida - Elisabeth (Oxid Project Remix)

I'm a bit disappointed on the utilization of the wish / queue system. Although it is being used, it's scarcely so. Perhaps not that many know it exists, so I'll try to make it more prominent.

Lastly, I'm going away to the country side for 5 days, so I'll be back next Wednesday. Just thought you should know.

Server inaccessible due to IP conflict

When I tried to connect to the radio station on my home PC yesterday, I noticed that the service was unavailable. However, when I tried the website, it worked just fine. So I started searching for errors in the various possible areas and found nothing. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was that the firewall on the server reported an IP conflict. "Hmm, that's bizarre," was my thought. I gave up after the clock hit half past midnight and decided to continue the next morning.

At first, I thought that it was the firewall that was messing around. After disabling it, everything worked. So I thought that was enough evidence for it being so. But nothing I did with the firewall made it worked, at least not consistently (it worked on and off sporadically). With this I had to conclude that it wasn't the firewall and decided to investigate the mysterious IP conflict further. The MAC address I got belonged to none of the computers that was currently hooked up to the LAN. "Maybe the networked had been hacked?" popped up and made me turn off the WiFi (which really doesn't work anyway since it's a D-Link).

I was sure there were no other machines on, but I went to check that it really was so. And lo and behold, what do I discover? The old server was on! No wonder there was an IP conflict! That explains the sporadic access I got to the server. So now I've turned it off and even flicked the switch at the power supply. Who the hell turned it on anyway? I sure didn't...

At least now everything works and I apologize for having not discovered this sooner. I've got a new job and it has taken all my time and I'm usually too tired to do anything useful at the PC when I get home (listening to music included).

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Abbott & Chambers - Never After (Original Mix)
  • Daniel Blanks - Physical (Inertia Remix)
  • Miramar Moonwave - Back to the Island (Original Mix)
  • Tragida & Azure Sunset - T Tide (Simple Tide Mix)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Evbointh - One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix)
  • Hawk feat. Sasja - Emerald Mine (Hawk Remix)
  • Robbie van Doe - Elevation (Original Mix)
  • Ron Malakai - Wonderful Craft
  • Tranquility Base - Oceanic (Satoshi Fumi's Thousand Spring Remix)
  • Tranquility Base - Oceanic (Super8 & Tab Remix)
  • Wellenrausch - Euphoria of the Waves (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix)
  • Vibrasphere - Floating Free (Original Mix)
Radio down

The radio was down today until 17:30 (Swedish time) due to a Windows update. The server automatically rebooted because of this and the ODDcast plugin to Winamp was not set to auto-connect to SHOUTcast.

The option has now been set and the radio should now be online after a reboot.

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Absolute - Dream Odyssey (Original Mix)
  • Andy Prinz - One's Surroundings (Original Mix)
  • Andy Prinz with Naama Hillman - Quiet of Mind (Original Mix)
  • ATB - Feel Alive (Duende Remix)
  • Automa - Rainbow (Original Mix)
  • Automa - Suddenly (Original Mix)
  • Azure Sunset - E-Motions (Original Mix)
  • Barlett Alex feat. Anthya - Touch the Sun (Duende Dub Remix)
  • Carl B - Just a Thought (Original Mix)
  • Darren Williams - Cryptexture (Original Mix)
  • Hi Jackers Space - I Can Feel (Estiva Remix)
  • Losbeck - Made From Dreams (Bjorn Fogelberg Remix)
  • Maarten Hercules - Body Fusion (Breakfast Remix)
  • Nat Life - Black Sea (Original Mix)
  • Oliver Smith - Tomahawk
  • Trouble Sleeping - Like a Prayer (Bittersweet Dub)
Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Hawk - Limitations of Language (Original Mix)
  • Hawk - You're Mine (Original Mix)
  • Mas & Vin - Solaris
  • Moonforce & Cold Blue - Uxorious (2007 Remake)
  • Store n Forward & Cressida - Why Don't We Talk About It
Winamp plugin exchanged

I have replaced the Winamp SHOUTcast DSP plugin for ODDcast in hope to fix the title problem. Some characters, such as , are incorrectly replaced with other characters when using SHOUTcast plugin. So I wanted to try to see if ODDcast did a better job at that. The conclusion is both yes and no. When displaying information on the homepage, the characters are correct. However, when the title is displayed in Winamp, such characters are removed. I don't know which is better, but I'm keeping ODDcast as plugin for the moment.

Bugs fixed, beta stage ended, songlist update

After much testing, I have now confirmed (or judged it so) that the previous bug concerning the double song request is finally fixed. I've also fixed a bug in the queue system that prevented song containing the ' character from being wished (due to the SQL syntax).

With that progress, I have decided to take the website out of the beta stage and into release candidate stage.

Also, the songlist has been updated by inclusion of a song (view legend):

  • Moff - Human Traffic (A side)
Page generation time available, progress report

At the bottom of the screen, the time it took for the server to generate the page is now written out. Maybe not that interesting, but I find it useful at times.

What remains now to be done is fine-tuning of the queue system. There are two bugs left, both of which causes the same song to be played right after each other or very closely. One is due the random selection of a song in order to keep the playlist alive (otherwise it would be silent until someone wished a song). It is possible that the same song is randomly selected prior to the wishing of the same song. This will cause the same song to be entered twice in the same playlist. However, since this deals on change, I reckon it will happen quite rarely.

The other bug I noticed recently after implementing the queue system. Upon wishing a song, there are occasions when the requested song is entered twice in the queue. If this is a bug that resides with BrowseAmp (the plugin that enables a Web-to-Winamp interface) or with the queue system, I currently do not know. So far, this bug hasn't shown itself very often and hopefully it will not become a nuisance.

I've been thinking about writing a guestbook in order to make it easier to make contact. There is a problem though with spamming, so I'll have to ponder on it a bit.

I've rewritten the code that handles the actual queueing of the song. Hopefully, the double queueing will be eliminated using the new code. But I can't verify that yet as a number or requests must be made before it can be confirmed that the bug is indeed gone. So far, though, it hasn't shown itself.

Queue system modified, songlist update

After a discussion with a friend of mine, I decided to alter the queue system a bit. More precisely, the wish limitations. Now, you can wish one (1) song every 5 minutes. This allows a more dynamic playlist since one cannot place his or her own request after one another, but someone else can go in between with a different request. Furthermore, only three wishes an hour was a bit too little.

The time limit on a wish song is now set to thirty (30) minutes instead of an hour. And I also forgot to tell you that I added statistics over how many times each song has been wished (and sorted thereby).

To the songlist, the following changes have been made (view legend):

  • Eddie Sender - Internal Desire
  • Purple Mood - One Night in Tokyo (Above & Beyond Remix)
Queue system implemented / Wish option available

I am happy to announce that a queue system has been added to the radio, as I promised earlier (took less time than I expected it to). It enables listeners (meaning you) to pick songs from the songlist to be played. Normally, the radio just randomly selects a song to play, but if there are songs in the queue, these are played one by one until the queue is empty (after which the random selection is resumed).

At the moment, each listener has three (3) wishes. For the sake of keeping the radio from repeating the same songs within a short time span, an already wished song cannot be requested again until one (1) hour after its request (no matter who wished it). If you use up all your wishes, you will have three now ones one (1) hour after your first wish was made.

I hope this system works as planned, and that people will use it that's what it's there for. There is still one bug, though, which can cause the same song to be played twice in a row (but no more than that). However it deals on chance so the risk of it happening should be very small. And if it does, the person who wished it will most likely be very happy about it. =)

You can wish a song by going to the Radio section, then at the bottom there's a link called View songlist / Wish a song.

RSS feed available

I have now implemented an RSS feed or the news for those who use it. It is available at the bottom of this page until I've found a more suitable location for it.

I've also fixed some minor bugs in the XML parsing of the playlist and the news articles. Furthermore, I've written some handling of an error that arose when a connection to the SHOUTcast server couldn't be established. Before it was cast to the main error page, but now it's taken care of at the radio section (makes more sense that way).

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Breakfast - Drunk in the Grass at Sunset
  • Breakfast - River of Light, Eternity and Beyond
  • Breakfast - The Air Between
  • Breakfast - The Storm
  • Breakfast - The Sunlight
  • Breakfast - The Sunlight (JPL Remix)
  • Cellec - Love of My Life (Original Mix)
  • Cellec vs. Ersa - Fridays (Original Mix)
  • Cellec vs. Ersa - Fridays (Sunny Lax Remix)
  • Peter Dubs - Cubu (Kamil Polner Remix)
  • Sunny Lax - Cassiopeia
Songlist available

It is now possible to view the songlist which contains all the songs available to the radio. It's located in the Radio section (or go here).

Songlist update

The following changes have been made in the radio station's songlist (view legend):

  • Ben Weston - A New Beginning (Peter Dafnous Remix)
  • Breakfast - The Dawn of Time
  • Bullitt - Cried to Dream (Max Graham Remix)
  • BuRo - Verano Suave (Original Mix)
  • Fandsa - Rapture
  • Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Albion Mix)
  • Mark Thornton - N.Y.S. (Now You See) (LNQ Remix)
  • Moonforce & 2-Trance - Just Few Words (Original Mix)
  • Robert Nickson - Ocean Drive
  • Robert Nickson - Twisted by Design
  • Sonic Division & Spychool - Crying Dew (N2O Remix)
Info, contact and links available

The remaining sections are now completed, or have at least reached a state of where it would be in order to publish them. I don't think any section have gained a level of permanency, but will be revised as deemed necessary.

There are still work to be done there is no display of all the songs on the playlist, no way to enqueue songs (I see it as more of a long-time project) and the error handler isn't powerful enough. However, the homepage is now sufficient enough to handle any visitor that might reach this website, as long as nothing unexpected occurs (that's where the error handler should come in but tracing exceptions isn't as easy in JSP as with PHP).

Radio details and song history available

The station's details (gathered through SHOUTcast's own webserver XML document) is now available for viewing through the Radio section, as is the song history. I will make the current playlist available in due time, along with the option to enqueue a desired song. However, I might construct the other sections before doing that, due to the remaining Radio section's complexity in comparison with the others.

Homepage alive

The website of Reboot Radio has seen its first light, albeit far from finished. As of yet only the over-all design and news section has been completed, but I hope the rest will flow along more smoothly after I've accustomed myself to the new script language (JSP).

The plan is to implement a full-fledged radio section which includes various status information as user, transfer and uptime data, but also the available songs that are continously streamed through server. There will be an info section, with some data concerning the background of the organisation and the equipment, amongst other things. Also, there will be a links and contact section, whose content will be quite straight-forward.

Lastly, I hope to implement a queue system for the radio, enabling listeners to select desired songs and put them in a queue. If there are any songs in the queue, the radio will select this according to its input order and play these until the queue is empty (upon which it will resume its random selection). There will of course be a limit to how many songs can be queued per user, but I have not reached a decision yet on how many and how often.

I don't know how long this will take, but it will come along in due time. In the mean time, tune in on the radio station at http://rebootradio.nu:8000.