Reboot Radio started in early July 2007 as a small project where I wanted to learn how to set up my own radio station and also how to program webpages in JSP (Java Server Pages, the language which this site is written in; however, in January 2014 I ported it to PHP since JSP turned out to be a real pain in the ass). Setting up the station was fairly easy, but the same cannot be said about getting JSP to work in harmony with Apache and PHP (the language I have used previously for several years, but at this point wanted to learn a more powerful language). So it took a few hours to set up the broadcast, and about a week to get the webserver to work.

The station mainly streams uplifting and progressive trance—a few of its many forms. I've found that these styles are the most in line with my own taste in music, but there are also material in the songlist that might belong to some other style. However, all songs which are played are of some form of trance; be it uplifting, progressive, ambient or even psychadelic (although I have so far refrained from annexing any of that since there are so many pure psy/goa stations out there, but I might revise that decision later on). I put on the air what I like the most of what's out there and hope that the listeners have similar taste. Feel free though to make suggestions of songs that you think are akin to what's being played.

The audio feed and broadcasting runs on a virtual Ubuntu machine hosted by HostHatch.

Lastly, I should also give credit for using two fonts in the design of this website. They are the Killer Boots font by Pizzadude, and the Sunset font by Harold's Fonts. Both are freely available on